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Designer 1.0
    Designer 1.0 is availabe to download FREE.
    Download Designer 1.0

Designer 2.0 Demo
    A full working demo version of Designer 2.0 is available to download FREE
    Download Designer 2.0 Demo

Designer 2.0
    Designer 2.0 is for sale via download or on CD
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Glass Libraries
Additional glass libraries for Designer 2.0 are available to download FREE
    Download Bullseye Glass Company's glass library
    Download Uroboros Glass Company's glass library
    Download Kokomo Glass Company's glass library
It is recommended that when downloading the glass libraries, you create a specific folder for the files to be saved to.  Click on the glass company you would like to download.  Then click "save" when prompted.  Then you can specify where you would like the file to be saved to.  Click on "My Computer" and select the "Local Disk [C:]".  On the "C Drive" create a new folder and label it "Glass Companies".  Then begin the downloading process.  The .ZIP files will be saved to this folder and will just need to be unzipped. Use WinZip or other similar program to unzip these files. When unzipping the glass libraries you can extract them in the same folder and then delete the original .ZIP file.  Once you have unzipped the files, you can then move the folder to another location if you choose.
Other downloads
    In order to use the downloaded glass libraries and the tutorials, you must "Unzip"     them first. If you do not have WinZip or similar program, you will need to install that     first. Go to the WinZip homepage to download a free evaluation version.

    In order to view the tutorials, you will need Windows Media Player and you will need  to dowload and install the TSCC codec.
    Download Windows Media Player
    Download TSCC Codec

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